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Hi Anthony, crypto noob here.

Re: DeFi and Public Goods, (maybe it already exists) suppose there's a message board on which someone offers a "free" tool (Public Good) but charges a subscription for early adopters?

Early adopters may use and/or implement the tool, but it only becomes free to all after the tool's authors have been compensated. The authors decide how much the tool is worth. When that amount has been crowd-funded, the tool is "unlocked" for use by all for free going forward.

The authors invest their time. Investors may sample, use, and suggest improvements to the tools before funding. When the tool is ready for prime time, the whole community is invited to release the tool from behind its paywall.

I want talented authors to get paid for their work, but the need for pre-funding is an unnecessary inefficiency in the marketplace.

What do you think? Could such a system work?

Thanks, Joe

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