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Imo it's kinda simple. Most defi tokens are gov tokens (and/or liquidity incentives) and, as most of the newbies learned, your average Joe's vote doesn't mean anything vs votes of whales/VCs aka a16, Alameda and friends, etc (honestly this can't be stressed enough - most people don't look at votes on proposals and it's a shame - it would be a eye-opening experience for many) - therefore best use-case of gov tokens is dumping them on the initial candle or during first rebound (aka top-fishing, if you're lucky to get one - eg Instadapp's token was in a freefall and never really moved up and we were in a full bull; good examples are dydx and ENS airdrops, or even Uniswap - dump them, rotate capital to sth useful (can't go wrong with eth) and move on).

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