Work and Play - The Daily Gwei #226

Work in crypto and never be bored again!

The Ethereum ecosystem is a black hole for talent - no matter what field you specialize in you’ll be able to find a home at one of the hundreds (thousands?) of projects currently recruiting for many different roles. Want to work on protocol development? There’s roles for you. How about in DeFi? Take your pick. Want to work on scaling? You’ll have no trouble finding a home. Ethereum welcomes everyone!

Raul’s tweet above hits on a critical point here which is bringing in people from outside of crypto to work in this industry. We already have plenty of people hopping between different crypto companies but what we really want is to bring in as many great minds from outside the ecosystem as possible. These minds will bring in a greater diversity of thought from various other fields of work that will enhance all aspects of the Ethereum ecosystem. This also leads to a flywheel effect where the more people we recruit from outside the ecosystem, the more people learn about crypto, the more people join from outside the ecosystem… you get the point!

The wild thing is that there really isn’t any particular role type that is in more demand than the other - no matter what you specialize in there’s a home for you somewhere in the ecosystem at the moment. The best website I’ve come across for finding these roles is Cryptocurrency Jobs which has hundreds of open roles advertised at any given time. The second best option here is to literally join the Discord channels of projects you are fond of and just start doing work for them. Many of them will have a DAO (or DAO-like) structure where they pay contributors for their work but also bring on full-time people from time to time. And again, this could be for literally any role.

I believe that joining a crypto company has now firmly moved passed the “risky” stage and into the “wise career move” stage. This is because at this point the entire crypto ecosystem has been validated by so many “outside forces” that the chances of it failing as an industry are effectively 0. Of course, you could still argue that joining a startup in general is riskier than joining some large corporate and maybe you’d be right. Though I’d say it totally depends on what company you decide to join and your personal situation in general. For example, there are plenty of companies in the Ethereum space that are still considered “startups” even though they have tens of millions of dollars in their coffers (and are generating lots of revenue). If these companies manage their treasury well then they’ll have runway for years and years to come which should remove a lot of the risk of working at them.

All in all, it has never been a better time to join a crypto company - especially one in the Ethereum ecosystem. Not only will you get some of the best personal development of your career but you will also have an insane amount of fun while doing it. Oh and of course the real magic is that you can be a triple threat in this industry by working within it, investing within it and of course, cultivating an insanely strong network within it.

So what are you waiting for - go get it!

Have a great day everyone,
Anthony Sassano

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