Generation Ethereum - The Daily Gwei #295

Ethereum is for everyone - always.

Ethereum isn’t just a technology; it’s a movement - and this movement consists of people of all ages - from the young teenage developers working on DeFi protocols to the seasoned investors & entrepreneurs who are bridging the Ethereum and traditional finance worlds. No matter your age - you are a part of ‘generation Ethereum’.

Probably my favorite thing about Ethereum (and crypto generally) is the fact that literally anyone can work in this industry in any capacity that they so choose (regardless of age, gender, political affiliation, geographic location etc). Want to do casual work for a DAO? That’s available in spades. How about staying anonymous while doing this work? This is actually encouraged by some projects. Fancy selling your digital art but don’t want to reveal your age? Create NFTs and sell them via Ethereum for ETH, stablecoins or any other token.

What I find particularly fascinating about the concept of a ‘generation Ethereum’ is the fact that there are already people doing most (if not all) of their financial activities via Ethereum. Their salary is paid in ETH or stablecoins, they use on-chain money markets to generate a yield, they can quickly swap in and out of tens of thousands of assets on DEXs and they can even take out a loan that pays itself back (via Alchemix). This can also all be done completely anonymously and from the comfort of their own home and computer/smartphone - no need to give up custody of funds or wait for “opening hours” - after all, Ethereum is open 24/7. On top of that, there’s no age requirement - a 10 year old kid can do all of this if he/she wanted to!

Though at the end of the day, being part of generation Ethereum isn’t just about age - it’s also about being part of a global community of like-minded individuals. While we aren’t all “growing up” together as we’re all of different ages, we are still “growing” together alongside Ethereum itself. In other words, we all shape what Ethereum is and will be, we bestow our own values and virtues onto it, and we form communities within it that push certain ideals forward.

The more we work to break down these age-related barriers, the better. I know that it’s popular to make fun of the “boomers” for being backwards (particularly those in government) but I think this is an unfair generalization. Really, if we have to, we should make fun of those who reject progress & new technologies and don’t want to be educated - these people come in all ages.

After all, there is no age requirement for ignorance.

Have a great day everyone,
Anthony Sassano

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