Ethereum's Advantage - The Daily Gwei #235

It's all about the ambitions.

Ethereum is a magnet for talent and draws in some of the most intelligent people on the planet to work within its ecosystem. As Ryan notes below, this is because the scale of Ethereum’s ambitions are absolutely massive - it literally wants to create a new financial system that will be bigger than any nations existing one - this is kind of a big deal!

If we dive into all of the parts that make up this new system we can quickly start seeing what different areas emerge. I’ve listed the ones I could think of below (I’m probably missing some of course)!

  • Core protocol work to keep the foundations of Ethereum running smoothly

  • Developer tools to enable builders to create applications

  • Application developers harnessing these foundations and tools to build things like DeFi

  • Scalability researchers and developers working to increase throughput and bring costs down for these applications

  • Middleware and supporting infrastructure to enable users to interact with these applications

  • And more!

As you can see, each of these areas requires a lot of intelligent human capital to power them and much of this human capital cannot be bought. I’ve found that the most intelligent and driven people are usually those who are working on something that they truly believe in and are passionate about - the money is always secondary to that. So from that perspective, I believe Ethereum has the highest concentration of these people and even people who work “outside” the Ethereum ecosystem are still adding value to it in various ways.

So, how do we ensure that we retain these people for years to come? Well, I think the most important thing would be to keep the Ethereum ecosystems ambitions high - let’s aim even higher than a new financial system and try to decentralize absolutely everything! This is obviously going to be a long and hard road and will probably require the work of millions of people but having such grandiose goals is what I think will work to attract the right people. You can just look at how many of the greatest companies and industries in the world came to be - they were all highly ambitious.

At this stage in the industry, I would honestly have to say that working in the crypto space isn’t for everyone. It requires much more dedication than a non-crypto job if you want to work on the most ambitious things, the industry moves so fast that you need to always be up-to-date and you also need to learn how to keep your mental state in check because the industry as a whole is absolutely insane! Though, if you’re up for the task, I don’t think there’s many other industries as rewarding as crypto to work in!

Have a great day everyone,
Anthony Sassano

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