Ethereum Awareness - The Daily Gwei #240

Spreading awareness about Ethereum to new audiences is critically important.

Mainstream media has done a pretty horrible job of covering the cryptocurrency space over the years and to be honest they haven’t gotten much better over time either. They consistently get even the most basic things wrong and bring on lots of poor guests who don’t really represent or understand the space well. Though sometimes they do actually hit a winner and bring on a guest who knows what they are talking about!

Yesterday CNBC brought on Garry Tan (founder of Initialized Capital) to talk about crypto and more specifically, Ethereum. While he wasn’t able to speak for too long about Ethereum, he did manage to sneak in some great one-liners like “ETH is headed to $10k” and “ultra sound money”. How awesome is that - our inner-circle Ethereum memes were on national U.S television! More than that though - he just piqued a new audiences interest about Ethereum and at least some of them have been googling and learning about it since the segment aired.

Reaching new audiences is something I often discuss with other Ethereum content/media creators because I think it’s critically important for us to spread the word about Ethereum to those outside of our bubble. It’s all fine and well for me to do this newsletter and the refuel videos every day but I’m only reaching people that are already within the crypto/Ethereum bubbles (though don’t get me wrong - that’s the whole point of my content). Ethereum needs more awareness to come from things like mainstream media because they have much larger audiences and, more importantly, these audiences are not already in the crypto ecosystem.

Onboarding the world into Ethereum is not going to be an easy task - it’s going to take the combined work of as many of us as possible and every single person has the ability to play a role. These roles can be anything - whether that’s spreading the word to family members at dinner, creating educational content, simplifying the user experience as a UI/UX designer, working on scaling technologies to bring costs down and so much more. As they say - Rome wasn’t built in a day - and neither will Ethereum be!

One day we’ll get to a point where all of this “crypto” stuff is second-nature and just part of most people’s everyday lives (similar to the internet today). I’m confident that we’ll get there and this technology will change the lives of billions of people which, when you really think about it, is still something that you’d be called crazy for saying by those outside of the crypto ecosystem. There’s a long journey ahead of us but I’m ready to tackle it head on - join me?

Have a great day everyone,
Anthony Sassano

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