Early Adopters - The Daily Gwei #352

Enjoy being early even if there are some growing pains.

If I could time travel 20 years into the future and see what the crypto ecosystem has turned into, I think it’d be a magnificent sight to behold. Crypto would be embedded into the world’s systems as ubiquitously as the internet is today and imagining a world without crypto would be like imagining one without the internet. Though of course, I can’t time travel, but what I can tell you with relative confidence is that we’re going to solve all of crypto’s problems and today’s pain will be long-forgotten in a few short years.

I see many people complaining about things on Twitter and elsewhere that they consider to be “broken” and some of them act like these things will never improve. I’ve always found this incredibly bizarre because on the one hand, people are very happy that they’re still early to the crypto movement but on the other they want everything they use to be perfect. Well, the truth is that we are all pioneers of this movement which means we are the ones who get to experience the growing pains and have the opportunities to fix them. For dealing with all of this, we are rewarded financially, socially and intellectually - almost all of the people who complain are sticking around because on some level they do realise this is all temporary growing pains.

One example that I always like to use when explaining this to people is the rollout of the internet. If you had waited to get involved with the internet until it was ubiquitous within society, you would’ve missed out on investing very early into companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and more. Though it’s not just the financial gain you would’ve missed out on - if you were young and fresh out of university you would’ve missed out on the chance to join an early-stage startup with a potential 9 figure equity share. Of course, most internet companies failed, and the same fate will apply to most crypto companies/projects - but the point is that just being present and involved is a lot better than sidelining yourself because of temporary growing pains.

To further extend on what I said above, I want to emphasize that each and every one of us has the power to improve this ecosystem. There is nothing stopping anyone from investing in crypto, publishing educational materials, starting a company (or DAO), joining a community or literally doing anything else that provides value. You can even do it anonymously or pseudonymously - there is absolutely no need to tie your real life identity to your crypto identity. And the best part is that you can do this from anywhere in the world with just some a laptop and an internet connection - you don’t even need a bank account!

I often use the term “missing the forest for the trees” in both my writing and on my YouTube channel because it so perfectly describes many people in this ecosystem. Focusing on the short-term noise and ignoring the long-term progress being made will quite literally cost you upside financially, socially and intellectually. So I implore all of you to play long-term games and embrace the trees, but make sure that the forest is your endgame.

Have a great weekend everyone,
Anthony Sassano

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