Conference Culture - The Daily Gwei #296

It's all about the culture.

The annual EthCC conference is currently taking place in Paris and it seems like every Etherean that I know is there (just based on what I’m seeing on Twitter). Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend due to COVID-19 restrictions here in Australia, but the tweet below from Daniel pretty much sums up why I love Ethereum conferences so much.

I’ve been to a few different Ethereum conferences - DappCon, Edcon, Devcon, EthDenver - and the common theme that I’ve experienced with all of them is that they attract so many incredibly bright and talented people. And why wouldn’t they? The best things to work on in Ethereum are all the complex problems and there are plenty of those that still need to be solved. Ethereum also attracts those who value personal freedoms and the ability to circumvent as much centralization as possible - especially when it comes to money and finance.

The other great thing about Ethereum conferences is that you can just feel the culture as you walk around talking to different people. The Ethereum community is made up of people from pretty much every country around the world so you always end up meeting plenty of interesting and fascinating people at these conferences (including lots of people you would never meet or talk to normally). All of these people make up the wonderful Ethereum culture that we all know and love - that is, a culture of inclusivity, diversity, building and decentralization.

Lastly, because of all of the above, Ethereum conferences have typically been where many of the top projects in the ecosystem have been born out of. This is because these conferences aren’t just a place for people to watch talks and network - they’re also a place for builders to come together and participate in hackathons (particularly with other builders that they normally wouldn’t work with). I’ve judged a few of these hackathons in the past (online via ETHGlobal and offline at EthDenver) and it really is amazing to see how much passion goes into these projects and also how quickly people can build something useful in just a weekend!

Unfortunately there’s been a lot less Ethereum conferences over the last 18 or so months thanks to COVID and even the ones that are happening now are still not able to be attended by everyone. I’m really hoping that we can all put COVID behind us in 2022 because I think everyone should get to experience at least 1 Ethereum conference for themselves - you really don’t know what you’re missing out on until you attend one!

Have a great day everyone,
Anthony Sassano

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